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Williams Review Spat - 'Like Rats Fighting In A Sack'

7 May 2019

TSSA General Secretary - Manuel Cortes - has described reports of a split within the main rail industry body over its submission to the Williams Rail Review as "like rats fighting in a sack."

The Daily Telegraph reports that the Rail Delivery Group (RDG) has been plunged into crisis over its submission to the Government-backed Williams Review on the future of the railways.

The paper says RDG members, who include both train operating companies and Network Rail, had disagreed with a number of the body’s key recommendations to the Williams Review.

Cortes said: “What we are seeing here is the opposite of a professional body putting the public first. Instead what the RDG are doing is fighting like rats in a sack to preserve their cosy, head or tails winning, profit cartel.

“Only a few days ago the RDG were calling for a single body to oversee our railways. Now they can’t even agree a single position about the future of rail in our country.

“Not only that, their Chief Executive - Paul Plummer - has said he’s leaving. Something is badly wrong and whatever fudge the RDG and Plummer eventually manage to come up with Keith Williams should see through their nonsense; the travelling public certainly shall.

“Again I say to Mr Williams – our country needs public railways and it needs them now. That should be the focus of his review.”

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