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Winning at Amey - agreement signed at last

4 March 2013

TSSA rep Colin Savage tells the story of a great win at Amey Consulting, where through a concerted organising campaign, hundreds of extra employees now have the benefits of collective bargaining.


Reps Jim Mckinney, Colin Savage, Tarnia Wilson behind senior regional organiser Alan Valentine, signing the agreement with Sean Roberts, business director for Amey Consulting Rail.

In the aftermath of a dispute over pay and the weakening of collective bargaining in 2011, workers at Amey had already been seeing people doing the same work and the same hours receiving very different pay rises as a result of an earlier TUPE transfer.

People realised they had no real say in their futures, they needed a collective voice and collective bargaining with the employer. Those already covered by a earlier collective agreement realised their group was diminishing, with the growth in numbers of those outside the arrangement weakening it further. Instead of fighting each other, the groups joined under one banner – TSSA.

TSSA reps began a campaign for fairness, a voice and collective bargaining. Many on both sides doubted we could achieve the levels of recruitment to legally require recognition. Yet they overlooked one thing: We had forged one, strong, committed team who valued fair play and fair pay for all and were willing to fight for it.

Working together, reps began a successful three month recruitment campaign. The target, of 40 per cent +1 was daunting, but we had faith in ourselves, our group and our message. In three months over 110 members were recruited, which was no small feat. We exceeded the target and have continued to build on it since. Are we ‘done’? Nope, this is a marathon not a sprint, but with each step forward there are more runners in our team and less spectators watching from the sidelines.

Our team travelled hundreds of miles to attend meetings with staff to talk about joining TSSA to build that voice – to show they were not alone, there was a better way. Jim Mckinney, Tarnia Wilson, Patricia Massop, Dave Merrett, Dave Marshall and Paul Messenger, ably assisted by TSSA staff Alan Valentine, Luke Chester nd Ray Barber. Many more provided useful contacts, spoke to their colleagues and encouraged them to join. Our thanks go to all of them.

For the staff within Amey Inter Urban (Operations) Rail, TSSA was successful and added several hundred staff previously on personal contracts into collective bargaining. Thanks to members’ efforts there are now more than 500 extra staff in Amey covered by collective bargaining than in 2010.

To the few still denied collective bargaining, we will work hard on your behalf to correct this. If you are in this group let us know.

Do you believe in fair play and fair pay? Do you want a voice in your future, a voice that is listened to and given the respect it deserves?

Contact our organising team on or speak to one of the reps on

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