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Winning Collective Bargaining

11 October 2011

TSSA are on target to win collective bargaining within Amey Consulting for all A-C grades, with your help we can make this a real success.

 What has happened so far?

As part of the dispute resolution agreement, which the majority of you voted to accept, we’ve had unprecedented access to staff. TSSA Reps and full time officials have been attending team briefs for the home workers within the CEFA contract, and have also set up meetings in offices over the coming weeks. Briefings attended so far have been held in Gatwick and Chelmsford and at the time of printing your representatives will be attending briefings in Cumbernauld, Perth and Manchester. Feedback so far has been positive and everyone we’ve spoken too can see the benefits of working together collectively, for a better working life.

Where next?

On the week commencing 17 October your representatives will be attending Team Briefs in York, Swindon, Lewes, Exeter and Newport which hopefully those of you attending will already be aware of. On the Week commencing 24 October we are arranging lunchtime meetings and surgeries on the following dates and venues:

  • Swindon, Minton Place - Monday 24 October 11:00-14:00
  • Birmingham, IDH – Tuesday 25 October 11:00-14:00
  • Bristol, News & Media – Wednesday 26 October 11:00-14:00

If you work in or near any of the above locations then please don’t miss this opportunity to come along and discuss the agreement and the inevitable benefits of winning a collective voice to negotiate for all A-C grades within Amey Consulting Rail.

Better still, if you can encourage your colleagues to attend, who have not already taken up the many benefits of being trade union members then that is to the benefit of both you and your colleagues whether they are currently covered by collective bargaining already or not.

If you want to know how you can help more or if you think it would be good for us to organise a workplace meeting over a lunchtime near you then please email us

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