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Winning Job Security in Amey Electrification!

16 November 2017

Following last month's call for Amey to commit to increased job security for electrification staff, we can report major improvements for staff affected by the government U-turn on Wales electrification!

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Rail Director agrees to TSSA’s call for extended job security!

At a standing-room-only staff meeting in the HOOB, our Organiser asked Lee Jones to give a commitment to guarantee job security until the outcome of the Wales and Borders franchise was determined in March, keeping staff in employment in the hope that they could be redeployed into new roles. Recognising the importance of this commitment to the staff audience, the Director agreed and gave the commitment there and then!

Building on the commitment of no compulsory redundancies (“NCR”) until after Christmas, we took the opportunity to secure an extension from the Rail Director after he shared his ambition to win the Wales and Borders franchise in March next year and aspirations to avoid redundancies and keep staff within Amey.

A new hope?

After hearing Paul Lazarus guardedly advise staff that many individual questions could not be answered, Lee Jones spoke frankly and with cautious optimism about potential opportunities for staff within Amey. Lee supported our position on the clear benefits of full electrification over heavier high carbon, low speed diesel trains, and the possibility that the electrification U-turn could still be reversed. Many of you put important questions to management and outlined the extent of staff fears and rumours before our union put the question of extended job security to the Director.


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Anything is possible with solidarity!

The formal collective consultation process is underway, with two meetings concluded and many more to come. We have already seen marked progress from the initial proposal (which our General Secretary compared to Scrooge!) to confirm staff redundancies four days before Christmas. With our membership growing and more volunteers taking on rep roles, we have already demonstrated that our collective strength can secure real improvements to the company proposals. If you aren’t in a union, join TSSA and get involved in a brighter future today:

Sign the petition for electrification

Our friends at Campaign for Better Transport and 10:10 Climate Action have achieved over three quarters of their target of 18,000 people to petition Transport Secretary Chris Grayling to reverse his decision to abort the electrification of the West Coast Main Line beyond Cardiff. Please take a few seconds to sign and share with your colleagues, friends and family:

Levelling the playing field.

Since our criticism of the “salami slicing” approach to consult individual groups separately, management agreed to consult consistent processes for everyone affected by the end of electrification. They agreed to greater fairness by allowing staff to appeal at every stage, and to work with us on processes to prioritise staff at risk and develop incentives to stay with Amey and create opportunities through voluntary severance.

Our main points of contact for TSSA members are Arywn Rogers (SN1) and Michael Dorney (HOOB)


If you want to get more involved, email

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