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Working people say no to austerity!

28 March 2011

On Saturday, an estimated half a million marched through London demanding an end to austerity. The cuts, cuts, cuts agenda of the Coalition is simply not working.

It was great that our contingent was the biggest in living memory and quite possibly in our history. It was also good that we marched jointly with the RMT as the fight against these cuts will require us to stand shoulder to shoulder with them. A very big thank you to all of you who took part in the march! If you could not make it, don’t worry, this is just the start of the campaign and there will be plenty of opportunities to join us in future activities.

The Government’s extreme actions are not an economic necessity – they are driven by ideology. It is becoming increasingly clear that the economic crisis was a very convenient excuse for the Tories to return to the failed Thatcherite policies of the 80s. This will sadly see a return to mass unemployment. Let’s face it, Government policies have so badly depressed our economy, that in the few short months that Cameron has been at the helm, our growth figures have been revised downwards three times! We are missing the benefits of billions of pounds in tax revenues – and a big fall in our benefits bill – that strong economic growth brings. Job creation and fair taxes are the best way to wipe out the deficit. Cuts, cuts and more cuts will simply not do this. Regretfully, the only growth that we are likely to see from this Government is in unemployment and inequality.

To help to turn the tide, your union has set up a new Community Organising Team. We will be campaigning with passengers to defend vital public transport services. The campaign website was launched on Saturday 26th March 2011. Please bookmark it now ( and keep up-to-date with what’s going on. We’re inviting members to become community campaigners. If you want to know more about what’s involved contact Rob Jenks]. Let’s make sure that we do not let the Government get away with this unfair and unnecessary cuts!

National Joining Week

Finally, as part of our preparation for the challenges ahead, we are co-ordinating a national joining week commencing Monday 4 April. Our aim is to ensure that everyone who works in our industry, but is not yet a union member, is invited to sign up and help us protect jobs, pay, terms and conditions, safety and pensions in our industry.

For more information about how you can help, please visit: or email] to find out how you can help.

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