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Working together towards a safer railway: the work of the TSSA Lead Health and Safety Reps

2 March 2012

We are a team of three TSSA members who represent the wider membership within Network Rail as part of a joint union-management partnership, working together to actively involve everyone in the safety culture change at Network Rail.

We have been encouraged by what Network Rail have done in creating this partnership; it is commendable and to our knowledge unique. However we are still some way off from achieving a culture which encourages everyone to raise safety issues without fear.

As we put across the concerns of members, differences of opinions with the company will be inevitable. Awkward questions will necessarily be asked as we go forward together. However, having those discussions and asking those awkward questions is what will help make a positive contribution to the safety culture and behavioural change in Network Rail at all levels.

We are united in the belief that every employee has a fundamental right to work in an environment where health and safety risks are properly monitored and controlled.

Network Rail H and S

What do we do?

We recruit new Area and Local Safety Reps; engage with safety reps and offer guidance and assistance when required.

We help with the creation of Area and Local safety meetings where issues can be raised openly and then bring the concerns and comments of those we represent to the attention of people higher up in the organisation.

Another part of our work is to encourage safety reps to use the excellent training available through the TSSA Education Programme and otherwise, to better understand the rules and regulations and know how to apply that knowledge with confidence.

We also take on work regarding health issues, liaise with Network Rail on various new Health and Safety initiatives, assist on accident investigations and work at National levels with the Company and other trade union officials.

We need to be resolute in our commitment to health, safety and welfare, whether office based, front line staff or senior management.

Get in touch
There are three TSSA Lead Health and Safety Reps covering the whole of England, Scotland and Wales. We are your reps so please do get in touch to discuss anything related to the issues we work on.

Ian Henry Ian Henry covers Anglia, Kent, Sussex and Wessex, representing all Maintenance and Ops staff.
M: 07713 300947
Martin Leadbetter Martin Leadbetter is responsible for the West Coast Main Line, Wales and West of England
M: 07771832100
Des Moore Des More covers Scotland, North East England, the East Midlands and Thames Valley.
E: Derek.More@
M: 07825258572
All three Lead Health and Safety Reps assist members who work in the various support functions such as
commercial, finance, investment projects and asset management.

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