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WW1 Railway Workers Centenary Service

9 August 2019

Twenty thousand railway workers lost their lives in the First World War, many of them members of our union, the Railway Clerks Association (now TSSA). A large number of those 20,000 dead were clerical workers, who could be "spared" from running the railway, or displaced by women, and thus were RCA members. More details about the service to commemorate their sacrifice here.


Our country has just finished commemorating the centenary of the end of the First World War. It is appropriate then that there will be a centenary service in November to remember and mark the lives of those railway workers who died in this conflict.

The service is being organised by a group of senior people working in Britain’s railways and will be taking place in Southwark Cathedral on Wednesday 6th November at 15:00.

Seating will be limited in this service but if you’d like to attend you can register your interest here Unfortunately, not everyone who registers will get a place, but there is the intent to ensure that employers are represented by front line staff. The service will be an all-ticket event so please do not just turn up on the day.

The service will be Christian in format, and in a Christian cathedral, but folk with all faiths and none will be very welcome. The service is being organised by a member of the Railway Mission.

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