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Yet another Chris Grayling scandal

26 February 2018

Yet again Transport Secretary Chris Grayling has shown he is unfit to hold the office!

TSSA transport union leader Manuel Cortes said:

“Stagecoach have form for not being fit to run a franchise - they just got bailed out to the tune of £2billion for the East Coast line!

“But Grayling is letting them hold government and passengers hostage. I can’t believe it!

“More public money will be wasted and Grayling will prop up a privatised scam system that is well past its sell-by date.

“Take back the keys from Stagecoach now and from Grayling too! He’s shown he’s not fit to run a bath let alone our transport system.”

Former Labour Transport Secretary, Lord Adonis who brought the East Coast line into public ownership also called for Grayling to ban Stagecoach and take action,

‘Stagecoach, bailed out by Grayling, is apparently intending to bid again for the East Coast rail franchise it abandoned! Big question: will Grayling ban them? He should ban Stagecoach & Virgin in the public interest, & as I did National Express in similar circumstances in 2009.’

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