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Yet another Tory takeaway

14 August 2018

Responding to news that Transport Secretary, Chris Grayling wants to attack future wage rises for rail staff to pay for a reduction in rail fares,

Manuel Cortes, leader of TSSA said:

“This isn’t a give away. It’s yet another Tory take away. Passengers are still being forced to pay another fare rise for a rail service that is failing to serve them. I had to check it wasn't April Fool’s day when Grayling suggested that our members should work for less so rail companies can keep their fat profits. What we badly need is our railways back in public ownership so they can put passengers, not shareholders, first.

“This is yet another example of the completely ridiculous manner in which this buffoon of a Transport Secretary is now running Britain’s railways. Ever more out of touch with reality, Grayling is putting the boot in to railway staff who are currently working flat out to support passengers during the the biggest rail crisis in British peace time history.

“A pat on rail workers’ backs and a big thank you would have gone a long way to helping restore some belief amongst rail staff that the man supposed to be in charge of transport in England actually gets what’s happening on our railways as a result of this summer’s timetable crisis. I can’t say it enough, this man simply needs to go".

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