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Your Union Achieves Improved Offer

22 May 2015

On the strength of our successful ballot for industrial action and action short of strike, your reps took part in four days of talks with Network Rail and our sister unions under the auspices of ACAS.

The talks concluded on Thursday 21 May after our negotiating team received a written improved offer. You can see a scanned copy of the offer here:

Your Area Council Reps will meet on Thursday 28 May to determine our position on the offer.

Difficult talks

While participating in talks, all parties jointly agreed not to issue any communications other than an agreed message to explain that talks were ongoing. Unfortunately, senior NR managers frustrated these agreements and added additional pressure to already tense negotiations. The company continued briefing the press about the dispute and issuing a legal challenge to our industrial action notification through the High Court, at great expense. Fortunately, our negotiating team rose above these difficulties and continued with talks in good faith until we were in a position to consider an offer that met our demand for a consolidated salary increase for all members in 2015 and job security for the duration of any offer.

Offer of guaranteed pay and job security

In deciding to take industrial action, our reps and members made clear that we could not accept two conditions of the previous offer; a one off lump sum that was not consolidated into salary and not pensionable, and a no compulsory redundancy commitment that expired before the multi-year pay offer would end.

The new offer “guarantees no compulsory redundancies across all members of bargaining groups; operations and customer services bands 5-8 and equivalent, maintenance bands 5-8 and equivalent and controller grades until 31st December 2016”. This means that everyone affected by the current pay negotiations has real job security until the pay offer expires.

The offer commits to pay a 1% consolidated salary increase as a minimum to all staff in the bargaining group, with a guaranteed minimum consolidated increase of £250 for those on salaries below £25,000, backdated to 1 January 2015. If the offer is accepted, all staff in the bargaining groups will receive a further 1.4% increase in salary on 1 January 2016.

You made the difference!

Members should be in no doubt that the last month has proved that every member who took part in our decision making processes, both telling reps your views on the offer and voting for action in our ballot gave your reps the strength to negotiate an improved offer. Thanks to you we have 75 new members who joined your union in the bargaining groups since your reps voted to ballot for action. We have new reps and are stronger now than when we started negotiations.

Thank you to everyone who updated their details using myTSSA to help defend us from any legal challenges. Thank you to to everyone who shared our communications, encouraged colleagues to join us and vote, and most importantly, everyone who used their voice and returned a ballot paper to give us a majority turnout and mandate for action.

Please continue to help grow our union by persuading your colleagues to join us online. As new members join, our strength continues to grow!

It is important that all members continue to keep records up to date. If we decide to take industrial action in future we need accurate information to avoid future legal challenges. Login to update your records at

Beware of false information!

The company are already sharing information that differs from the reality of our position. If you are in any doubt or have any questions, speak to your TSSA reps or the Helpdesk.

Unity is strength!


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