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Your Union: Fighting for Fairness in IP SP&C

13 May 2013

See our latest newsletter for details of the ongoing consultation for Network Rail members in IP SP&C

 Download our latest newsletter here:   IP SP&C Newsletter 130513

Huge concerns for affected staff!

Your reps have received numerous calls from concerned staff affected by the IP SP&C reorganisation.

We are at the consultation stage, meaning that management should be engaging with affected staff via TSSA reps to consider all options to reduce adverse impacts on staff before proposals are finalised. Huge inconsistencies between regions and teams led to chaos about the impact of proposals. In some cases managers have already been advising members to look elsewhere for work before we can even suggest how to reduce the impact of redundancies and keep staff in IP!

Our principles keep jobs

We firmly believe that our principle of meaningful consultation leads to minimal job losses. That’s why we’re challenging Network Rail with your views.

Our recent success story “Project Olympus”, a reorganisation of Asset Management Services (AMS). (, started with an expected 70-100 redundancies but through our intervention, fewer than 5 job losses have taken place. Your union forced management to ask themselves three questions:

· How can we engage with staff to improve our proposals?

· How can we retain the investment that is staff knowledge and experience?

· How can we maintain morale and bring people with us?


The lessons became clear:

· Engagement with reps before finalising proposals

· Open and ambitious about staff/rep input

· Evaluate and build on good practice and lessons learned

Winning Protection for Staff in IP

Your Union has recently secured positive consultation that has led to initial counter proposals that add protection for staff. Consultation was scheduled for three hours on Wednesday 14 May to finalise proposals. However, through talks with the head of HR for IP this will be used for reps to present counter proposals to management for consideration before further consultation meetings. This provides greater opportunity for engagement.

Take Action!

If you have concerns and haven’t had the opportunity to speak to a rep, contact the members Helpdesk or your reps Andrew Dench and Dave Barnes to discuss or arrange a meeting.

Your Union

It is essential that you remind colleagues that they need to join TSSA to have a say in the process. Join online instantly at

What’s next?

TSSA reps and staff will be continuing to hold members’ meetings to seek your views. Check the TSSA website for details (

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