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Zac attack on staff travel

7 April 2016

TSSA Leader Manuel Cortes responds furiously to the news that Zac Goldsmith wants to rob tube workers of so-called travel perks.

"Zac Goldsmith is a playboy trying to play in politics. But London is not a playground. How dare this trust fund Tory think tube workers can be kicked around like a political football!

"He's already failed one Tube test this week when he revealed to the the BBC he's so out of touch with the lives of most Londoners that he's got no idea how to navigate his own way around the Central line. And now he's showing why he'd fall as Mayor: he's plain callous and he is more than a little bit dim.

"Let's face it, being vindictive to tube workers is a standard Tory game but wanting to deprive them of the so called perks that cost TfL absolutely nothing in the first place may actually be a new standard in plain-Tory stupid: If there's no financial outlay there can be no financial clawback. There is no money to be made here. Just political spite.

"There are currently very real problems with security across the whole of the tube network which are causing very real concern to those of us whose entire working lives are dedicated to keeping London transport and passengers moving safely.

"Zac and his team need to stop these phoney Zac-attacks on workers and grow up a bit. If they were serious about London's tube security, they'd be turning their guns on their Eton mates Boris Johnson and George Osborne who are the real vandals who blew the hole into the London Transport's security budget when they agreed the government could axe its operating subsidy to London transport by £700 million in last November's spending review.

"TSSA warned then it was a stupid cut and for the sake of London's safety it is that operating subsidy which must be restored immediately." 

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