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ATW: Station grades 2015 Pay Referendum

7 July 2015

It is now time for you to have your say on the final pay offer made by ATW


Pay talks

As you can image your representatives used all of the powers of persuasion to achieve the best deal that they could. TSSA were the only union to have researched the company accounts and raised the fact that ATW had made record profits in the financial year ending 2014 of over £22 million pounds after tax and a profit per employee of £13,773.

ATW was only willing to propose an above inflation pay increases in the context of a multiyear deal and the opening offer was a 3 year deal consisting of:

Year 1 = 1.1% + 0.25% (to accept a 3 year deal) plus any efficiency/productivity

Year 2= Retail Prices Index (RPI) + 0.25% (to accept a 3 year deal) plus any efficiency/productivity

Year 3 = RPI (due to last year requiring Department for transport and/or Welsh assembly government approval.

Formal pay talks concluded some weeks ago with an improved offer but the reason for the delay in writing to you is that we felt there was some merit in exploring the potential for members to have a choice of giving up some of the pay rise for additional day’s annual leave. We had hoped that ATW would offer 2 days annual leave for 0.5% of the pay deal but unfortunately this wasn’t to be and in discussion with your reps we decided it was best to put the headline pay offer to you to vote on. It has to be noted that during the pay talks ATW were seeking to explore potential productivity savings but no progress was made in concluding those talks. There is still scope for talks to continue on that basis but the offer that we are putting to you to vote on is essentially a no strings offer. When we have further information on any productivity talks we will update members.

Final Pay offer


Following talks the trade unions were able to increase the first year offer by 0.5% and move the 0.25% in the second year forward to the first year which will be worth more to members in future years, as well as adding in a minimum payment in years 2 and 3, therefore the final offer we are putting to you and recommending that you accept is:

Year 1 - effective date 1st July 2015

Basic rate increase of 1.6% + Additional 0.5% conditional on agreement of a

multiyear offer (Total = 2.1%)

Year 2 – effective date 1st July 2016

Basic rate increase of RPI (as taken at May 2016) or Fall back 2% whichever is the greater

Year 3 - effective date 1st July 2017

Basic rate increase of RPI (as taken at May 2017) or fall back 2%whichever is the greater


We now need you to have your say and vote on the offer by completing our online pay survey by visiting the below web site:

You will be asked whether you accept the offer and if you don’t whether you are prepared to be balloted for industrial action.

Please complete this by Noon of Friday 24th July and advise non-members that to participate they must join TSSA to do so, they can join online at

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