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Education and Organising Programme 2019

Education Programme for 2019

New dates will be added soon!

By end of May we will have some new dates for core courses.

The TSSA, in partnership with the General Federation of Trade Unions, is putting together a training programme for 2019. Dates are being released for new courses as tutors are confirmed. Please be patient as we confirm tutors and locations for courses. To suggest a course or location, please see below about our Waiting List.

Recruitment Skills Training

In addition to our standard education programme, we will also be inviting every TSSA Rep to attend a Recruitment Skills Training. From November 2018 - March 2019 we will hold recruitment training all over the UK and in Ireland. Invitations will be sent directly to Reps with options for local course dates. To watch for dates near you and register for a course you need to go to  

Recruitment is an important part of the role of Workplace Rep. Whether you are new to the rep role or experienced in recruitment, the course will help you refresh and develop the skills you need to recruit new members of the union.

Education Programme 2019

Please note we add dates as new courses are added, so keep a watch on this space.

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Download a summary of course dates (excluding recruitment skills):   Course Dates Summary 2019

There are also courses being offered to all TSSA members by the General Federation of Trade Unions (GFTU - see below for more information on GFTU). GFTU_Courses

Education Waiting List

Your input into our programme is most welcome now and all year round. Tell us what you want to learn by using our Waiting List. You can suggest a topic we don't cover in our courses outlined below, or put your name down for a course that we have not set dates for yet - it's up to you! When we have set dates for a course, we will notify everyone on the waiting list for that topic.

To get yourself on the waiting list click here:

New Courses

Here are the some new dates for courses in 2019. Check the core course datesw for all 2019 dates: Core_Courses

Apply for the courses here:

Reps Intro, 9-11 July, London (Deadline for applications is 10 June)

Neurodiversity Awareness Course & Neurodiversity Specialists Course New dates are advertised below. See here for more details: Extra_Special_Courses

Equality in the Workplace, 10-12 September, venue TBC. (Deadline for applications is 12 Aug) Keep watching here for more details: Core_Courses


GFTU Courses

Check out the range of courses offered by the GFTU here:

(Please note if the link does not work when you click on it, you can copy and paste the link into your browser and that should work)

TSSA Education Programme Explained


Your Education Pathway

No matter what role you are taking on or union activity you are part of, there is a pathway for your development in TSSA’s Education Programme. This will include Core Programmes, Extra Special Skills and Knowledge programmes for your workplace roles and Time to GROW programmes that will help you to build a bigger stronger TSSA in the workplace. You also have Practical Programme of activities to help you apply and fine-tune your skills and knowledge. Acceptance of your course application will depend on course numbers and your individual development needs. Please feel free to discuss your development needs with your Union Learning Representative or organiser

  Education Pathway

  Education Pathway Planning Tool


Working closely with your TSSA Organiser & Mentor to develop your knowledge and skills

Where possible, start your learning journey with One to One learning and support from your TSSA Organiser or Mentor on the key knowledge and skills you need. Continue that support for your learning throughout the year. If you aren't sure who can work with you, contact Nadine Rae 


For the skills and knowledge you need as a lay rep and active member.

These are foundation skills for all active members that help you do your day to day representational activitives. These courses are the Reps introduction and Next Steps courses for your role. Jump to these courses by clicking here: Core_Courses


Skills to help you build a bigger stronger TSSA

These courses are focussed on how you build a strong union that can deal with issues you face on a day to day basis, as well as issues that affect the majority of your members. Essential for a rep that wants to get off the treadmill of personal cases and start making a difference that can be felt by everyone. Jump to these courses by clicking here: T2G


Specialist courses for the extra skills and knowledge you need to achieve our TSSA vision

Focussed on specific issues, skills and knowledge, these are extension courses that take reps past the basic core programme and offer something for our members experiencing issues. Often these courses are run when issues arise, such as redundancies, TUPE, or when you are planning for retirement, etc. However, some special skills also make you that well rounded leader capable of taking on a leadership role on your Company Council or on other workplace or union committees. Jump to these courses by clicking here: Extra_Special_Courses


Practical application and experience

A 3-6 month programme of support and exposure to activities designed to apply your learning. Discuss with your Organiser or mentor what activities will help you apply your learning as part of your development. Indicate you interest for a Practical Programme, contact Nadine Rae, Organising Director

Find below the courses by category & date: 



Reps Introduction - Industrial, Health & Safety, Union Learning, Equality Reps and Workplace Champions

New to a role? Want to refresh your skills? Here is where you start. This three day course has been specially designed for workplace representatives and champions of the Transport and Salaried Staffs’ Association. TSSA reps will gain basic knowledge of the union and their role, the team that they work with and will then go on to complete the Next Steps courses for their roles. Also suitable for reps who wish to refresh and update their skills and knowledge.

  •  9-11 July, London (Deadline for Applications is 10 June)

Industrial Reps Next Steps

This is a three day course where you will learn key skills and knowledge for the role of TSSA Industrial (General) Workplace Representative. Building on your knowledge from the Reps Intro Course, you will explore your specific role in more detail. Also suitable for reps who wish to refresh and update their skills and knowledge.

  • June 4-6, Bristol (Deadline for this course is 6 May)

Health & Safety Reps Next Steps

This is a three day course where you will learn key skills and knowledge for the role of TSSA Union Health & Safety Rep. Building on your knowledge from the Reps Intro Course, you will explore your specific role in more detail. This course is also suitable for reps who wish to refresh and update their skills and knowledge.

  • June 25-27, Venue TBC (Deadline for this course is 27 May)

Equality in the Workplace

TSSA is committed to clebrate, manage and promote equality and diversity. Our Equality Agenda and Time to Grow strategy prioritises standing up for respect and equality at work. This is a three day course for all TSSA Reps and members who are passionate about justice and respect in the workplace. You will learn about Equality Act 2010 and how to challenge discrimination in the workplace, as well as understanding what the causes of discrimination are. If you are an Equality Rep or any other type of rep who deals with case work, this is an important course to help understandand your role in fighting for equality and a Core Programme for your education pathway. if you are a member interested in equality issues, this is the course for you. 

  • 10-12 September, venue TBC (Deadline for applications is 12 Aug)

Union Learning Representatives, Next Steps

This programme is the next steps for our Union Learning Representatives. Topics include apprenticeships and what you can do as a ULR to ensure people are getting access to training and development. Find out more about how you can use your role strategically to fight for access to training and development in your workplaces.

TIME TO GROW: Skills to help you build a bigger stronger TSSA 

Organising to Win


Are you tired of dealing with the same issues? Do you and other TSSA members want to see some changes in the workplace? Do you want your employer to respect and value you more? If you answered yes to any of those questions, this is the course for you. Get the respect you deserve through building a bigger stronger TSSA in your workplace. This is a two day course for TSSA members where you will learn how you can build the union in your workplace and win the issues that are important to you and other members.


  • April 4-5, London (Deadline for applications is 5 March)

Apply for this course here:


Recruitment Skills

This year TSSA is going to hold recruitment training for all reps. Recruiting new members can often seem a daunting task. This course will help you with some basic communication skills and techniques that will help you be successful in your recruitment conversations. 

For more details visit



Equality Breifing

TSSA is a leader in equality, diversity & inclusion. This course is for any rep or active member who is or wants to get active on equality issues. Current discrimination case law will be covered, along with general understanding of the Equality Act 2010. You will also learn about unconscious bias, cultural change and the campaigns we run to change lives. This course is suitable for anyone wanting to learn or refresh their understanding of discrimination law and get involved in our work on equality.

  • London, March 28-29 (Deadline for this course is 28 February)

Apply for this course here:

Neurodiversity Awareness

Learn about Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Discalculia, Autism & Aspergers', ADD & ADHD and how these neurological conditions impact adults in the workplace. You will also learn about the benefits this diversity brings to your workplace and team.

  • London, 1-2 May (Deadline for applications is 1 April)

Neurodiversity Specialists & Champions Course

TSSA is a leader on Neurodiversity and we have an active programme to support our neurodiverse members in the workplace. This course is for Equality Representatives or other members who want to be part of our programme and help make workplaces more inclusive for people with Neurodiverse conditions. You will develop specialist skills and knowledge on a range of conditions including: Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dyspraxia, ADHD & ADD, Autism and Asperges'.     

You will need to have attended a Neurodiversity Awareness Course first. You will also need to complete both parts to become a Neurodiversity specialist/champion. 

  • Part One: London, 4-6 June (Deadline for applications is 6 May)
  • Part Two: London, 16-18 July 

 ULR Briefing - "Apprenticeships and Training + Development " 

This one-day briefing session is open to all ULRs and Equality Reps. It will:

  • provide an update on Apprenticeships for new entrants and existing staff
  • review the equality perspective for organising & bargaining around development & career progression in the light of the gender pay balance results in companies
  • identify resources available, and required, for bargaining on apprenticeships and other quality training & development in the workplace

Performance & Development Reviews

TSSA members tell us that:

· They feel that aren’t able to progress in their careers or through the company because of a lack of training and development options

· There are often no regular formal review sessions taking place

· The focus of any review which does take place is solely on competence to carry out their current role

· Too frequently no training or development is offered at all and even where it is agreed with the line manager doing the review, it never actually materialises from one review to the next

· The formal process isn’t followed properly and that any decisions seem to be made on an arbitrary basis with training & development only offered to the chosen few

· The process is set out as “one size fits all” without taking into consideration any form of equality, diversity and inclusion

The course will develop awareness of the principles of best practice for consistent, transparent P&DR processes which help with career progression for all. It will include input on P&DRs and neurodiversity with space to look at how to take away the learning from the day and organise around improving the processes in delegates’ own employers.

To put yourself on the waiting list for this course, click here:


Over the past few years we have held several workplace sessions on pensions and it has become clear that our members want to know more! There are regular changes to pensions and also to our terms and conditions. But what is the effect on our pensions in the long term? This course is suitable for Workplace Reps or Pensions Champions with little or some knowledge of pensions, who need the space to go over information and go through their questions in more detail. It will cover the following:

Introduce the concepts and jargon relating to pensions

Understand how the Railway Pensions work for members

Identify the role and responsibilities of a Pensions Champion and Workplace Representative

Develop an awareness of equal opportunities and pensions

Develop skills to advise and support members

  • March 20-21, London (Deadline for this course is 21 Feb)

Apply for this course here:

Performance & Capability

Two reasons people can be justifiably dismissed are due to performance or capability. Want to get your head around the legalities and difference between the two? In this session our Employment Rights Advisor will walk you through the issues surrounding performance and capability and case law that will help you challenge the employer and successfully represent members. Suitable for workplace representatives who have been through our Reps Intro and Next Steps Courses, or experienced reps who are seeking to update and refresh their skills and knowledge.

This course will be run when there are enough participants. Indicate your interest here:

Reasonable Adjustments

This course explores best practices and the legalities of providing reasonable adjustments due to disability. Suitable for workplace representatives and our members who are managing people in their day to day work. 

This course will be run when there are enough participants. Indicate your interest here:

Shared Parental Leave

Applying for Shared Parental Leave can be complicated and daunting, especially given the changes a couple are about to face in their lives. This course will cover the legislative requirements around Shared Parental Leave and how you as a rep can support members making applications. 

This course will be run when there are enough participants. Indicate your interest here:

Flexible Working

This course explores the legal rights of people with regards to flexible working and what you as a rep can do to address issues of flexible working in your workplace. Suitable for workplace representatives and our members who are managing people in their day to day work.

Get on the waiting list and we will contact you when new dates are announced:

LGBT+ in the Workplace

Over the past two years we have held this training for our LGBT+ members, with great success. Learn about your rights at work, bargaining for LGBT+ and share your experiences with other LGBT+ members. This course is part of our LGBT+ Network activities. For more information about the course please contact Nadine Rae

  • Manchester, Friday 23 August (Deadline for applications is 23 July)

To apply for this course click here:

Preparing for Retirement 

Following great feedback from our 2016 pilot courses for these sminars organised and supported by our Retired Members Group, this is an essential part of preparing for the best time of your life. This course is for people who are starting to plan for their retirement. Partners are encouraged to attend with you, but some costs are involved. Topics covered include: What do you want out of retirement? What does it cost? What can you do? Health & Wellbeing and how you can stay involved in the TSSA. Guest speakers will be at each seminar.

  • Bristol, Saturday 30th March (Deadline for applications is 1 March)
  • Edinburgh, Saturday 15th June (Deadline for applications is 15 May)
  • London, Saturday 21st September (Deadline for applications is 21 August)

To apply for this course click here:

Lay Officers

For Branch Officials, Divisional Council members, Executive Committee Members, Self Organised Groups and other special committee and forum members. Learn about your union leadership role and how you can help build a bigger stronger TSSA.

To put yourself on the waiting list for this course, click here:

Bespoke Courses - General information

Any of the above courses and other bespoke courses can be run again in 2016 depending on levels of interest. If you or your employer have any questions about the Edcuation Programme, please contact Nadine Rae, Organising Director for Equalities, Education & Projects,

If you would like to learn about a specific topic, you can register your interest by getting your name on our waiting list and we will contact you if a relevant course comes up:


 Application information

  • To apply top attend a course please go to .You will then be sent an acknowledgement that your application has been received. Start your process to get release at this point.
  • The cut off date for applications in most cases is 4 weeks before the course is due to start. [See the individual course details.] Please note that this will not be extended except in exceptional circumstances.
  • Confirmation packs will be sent out to all successful course applicants shortly after each course application deadline . Places will be allocated on the basis of the need for the education rather than simply first come, first served.
  • If you are off on sick leave (or other leave) at the time of the course please inform us when you apply for the course. This may effect acceptance of your application, so we need to discuss this with you first.
  • Please note that non attendance, without due notice or reasonable grounds, on TSSA or GFTU courses by TSSA activists who have had their place confirmed will be treated very seriously – further details will be set out in the individual course packs.
  • Please contact your employer for release as soon as you apply for a place on any course. If you are not sure precisely who to contact for this, or if you have any problems with accessing release, please contact the Helpdesk in the first instance on Tel: UK - 0800 328 2673, Republic of Ireland - 1800 805 272, Email:
  • The GFTU will be co-ordinating all accommodation and accessibility support requirement arrangements – please contact them with any queries via