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Going Beyond

CoP Themes May 2020

Read about our NEW Racial Equality Community of Practice here:


TSSA is proud to launch our new innovative and exciting approach to education called Going Beyond. Our members will have the opportunity to learn through the interactive and experiential process of Communities of Practice (CoP). Our calendar of training events and activities will centre around our CoP approach and will provide you with engaging speakers, events and resources to facilitate your learning.

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What is a Community of Practice? Read this:   Going Beyond Introduction May 2020; or skip to here: What_is_a_CoP_

Each CoP will connect passionate, like minded individuals who will actively discuss, problem solve and innovate new thinking and approaches towards the problems we are facing. The outputs from this approach can then be applied within your context, to create real meaningful change for our members.

Read here to see who should join a Community of Practice: Who_should_Join_a_COP

Our Communities of Practice

Throughout 2020 we will launch a series of communities on the following themes:

  • Addressing Bullying & Harassment
  • Mental Health & Wellbeing
  • Flexible Working
  • Representing Members
  • Onboarding New Reps
  • Racial Equality
  • Neurodiversity at Work
  • Leading People
  • LGBT+ Inclusive Workplaces
  • Future of Rail
  • Skills Reps

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What is a Community of Practice?

A Community of Practice (CoP) Communities of practice are groups of people who share a concern or a passion for something they do and learn how to do it better as they interact with their ‘community’. CoPs recognise that learning doesn’t just happen in a classroom or lecture style event, but through informal interaction with colleagues and peers. 

In between the key training events will be activities to connect and facilitate the CoP.
Your learning experiences will range from self-managed learning to facilitated events and training. Examples of learning experiences include:

  • Question and Answer sessions with experts
  • Group problem solving, action learning
  • Discussion and interaction with CoP members
  • Analysing research
  • Blogs, videos, social media posts

Each Community of Practice will have events that follow a basic pathway, the ‘Spiral of Learning’, that will lead to practical results. Find out more here:

What can I expect when I join a Community of Practice?

When you join a Community of Practice you will be committing to participate in the community over a period of time and join one of the TSSA online groups. Participation could be as simple as sharing an article, attending an event, participating in a message thread within your community.

You will receive a regular communication from TSSA outlining the learning opportunities for your theme (i.e, Flexible Working). These will include a variety of types of learning. Every so often you will be asked to reflect on your learning and contribute ideas to explore.
At any time you will be able to revisit learning from your community and interact with others to clarify or expand your learning.

Who should join a Community of Practice?

Generally the following applies:

If you are a member of TSSA…

Genrally, you will be able to join a Community of Practice by requesting here RequestToJoinCoP . Approval to join a TSSA community of practice is required. When you indicate you wish to join using our form on this page, we will ask your reasons for wanting to join the CoP. Before approving anyone’s membership, we may want to discuss your overall development and ensure the CoP is the best possible pathway for you at this time. Please read further to see if joining is best for you.

If you work in the rail sector but are not yet a member of TSSA…

You may be able to participate in some events and groups as a guest of the community. Some events, resources and learning opportunities will be for TSSA members only. Please complete the CoP joining form on this page indicating your interest and we will send you more information. You can Join TSSA here:

If you have some experience or expertise you are keen to share within our Communities of Practice...

Please contact Nadine Rae to explore further. We are always looking for people to help make Going Beyond and our community of practice approach a success. Please do get in touch if you feel you have something to contribute.

A number of events will be offered to all members, regardless of whether you are a member of the community of practice or not. Some events will be exclusively for the CoP. So consider:

  • Do I feel passionately about this issue?
  • Am I able to participate in some way no matter how small (see above for ideas)?
  • Will I use my learning in my work role, my role as a Workplace Rep or as an active member of TSSA? (this may include your role in company staff networks)

If you are simply thirsty for learning and want to be part of everything TSSA is doing – we are happy that you are! But in that case, we suggest you join the Representing Members CoP and attend occasional events on the other CoPs until you know what you are passionate about doing.

For more information about Going Beyond contact Nadine Rae, TSSA Organising Director