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This blog is a place to share the learning opportunities through Going Beyond, our Communities of Practice education programme.  You can request to join a Community of Practice here:

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  • Discussion points for negotiating home working

    Author: Kerry AbelPosted: 19 May 2021

    This presentation deals with some of the areas to consider before negotiating home working policies on behalf of TSSA members.
    Network Rail reps have engaged in a full scale survey of members and non members to find out what employees feels works best for them.
    This presentation uses research from Office of National Statistics (ONS) Homeworking hours, rewards and opportunities in the UK: 2011 to 2020 (April 2021) and
    Typeform remote working survey (2020)

    A note on terminology – home working, hybrid working, flexible working and the Network Rail term “future ways of working” are used interchangeably in this presentation.
    Home working/Flexible working 


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  • How do we embed learning and skills in the workplace post Covid?

    Author: Kerry AbelPosted: 04 November 2020

    This presentation by Kerry Abel, How to embed learning and skills in workplaces post-Covid? takes you through the issues caused by the industry's historic skills shortage and the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic.

    It considers four areas for trade union involvement; 

    - Workforce (development) planning
    - Performance appraisals
    - Fairness and equality
    - Apprenticeships as a tool to structure training

    The presentation asks key questions about whether employer sides are upholding their side of the bargain, uses detailed research to consider the reasons for the skills shortages and uses data from TSSA member surveys to demonsrate where training is and isn't taking place. 

    Finally it looks at where TSSA reps can get involved and provides links to next steps.

    If you would like to use this presentation in your workplace, get in touch with Kerry for tips and any updates on

    For further information join the Skills Reps Community of Practice (members and non-members welcome) and think about becoming a TSSA Skills Rep (TSSA members only). There is a monthly Skills Reps Network meeting that you will be invited to if you sign up.

    This blog is also closely related to the Future of Rail Community of Practice.

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