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We've launched our campaign in response to Transport for London’s decision to slash 25% of its grant to the Museum over the next four years. Combined with the loss of an Arts Council grant of £1 million per year, this amounts to a substantial cut to the Museum’s revenue and it was clear that a robust defence of the Museum needed to be mounted.

The Museum management have now made clear the scale of the crisis, predicting a £705,000 deficit in 2015/16. For a relatively small Museum, such a deficit is unsustainable and jeopardises the ability of the Museum to continue the remarkable success and growth it has seen since it was completely refurbished in 2007.

Download our brand new briefing with all the information you need about the fight to reverse funding cuts at London Transport Museum:

  London Transport Museum briefing



Take action:

Join our lobbies


Give back the grant! Lobby of Mayor’s Question Time

Wednesday 30 January, 9.00-10.00

City Hall, London Bridge

Love the Museum - our valentine's message to the TfL Board

Wednesday 6 February, 9.00-10.00

City Hall, London Bridge

For further information email:


Email your MP

We're taking our campaign to reverse devastating funding cuts at London Transport Museum into Parliament, but to do this we need your help.

John Cryer MP has tabled an Early Day Motion (EDM 713) in support of the campaign. EDMs are put forward by MPs to publicise particular causes and to gather the support of fellow MPs.

We want your MP to demonstrate their support for London Transport Museum by signing up to the EDM. But they’ll only do this if you write and ask them!



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