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London Underground dispute

We work to keep London moving day in, day out. We’re already often at work before 5am or can be found helping passengers get home safely in the early hours. We cope with an ever-increasing numbers of passengers - 100 million more in just the last five years - and are happy to do so.

We don't mind working these hours, or the even longer ones due to the Night Tube. All we ask for is a sensible solution to the safety implications of the Night Tube, honest negotiations and a reasonable settlement on pay and hours.

Staff member - SRT

Why are we taking action?

This action comes after 18 months of attempting to negotiate with London Underground management. They are very much a last resort.

The Underground's management have failed to meaningfully negotiate or consult with the recognised trades unions for months.

TSSA supports Night Tube, but we believe that it must be implemented in a way that is safe, secure and sustainable for LU staff and for passengers.

TSSA members are hard-working and, in many cases, long-serving members of staff at London Underground. They are committed to ensuring the safety of the travelling public in London.

Today, alongside the other recognised trade unions in London Underground, they are losing pay to take strike action.
These are our reasons for taking action:

  • Safety concerns about Night Tube: LU is seeking to introduce Night Tube without meaningful consultation on key aspects of Health & Safety, putting both staff and passengers at risk.

  • Ticket office closures and staff cuts: these continue and LU has not complied with previous agreements.
  • Payments for night-working: LU has offered only one-off non-pensionable payments in return for staff implementing and delivering Night Tube and increased night working - for the rest of their working lives in LU.
  • Significant changes to working practices: LU is disregarding existing agreements and working arrangements, and seeking to make changes without meaningful negotiation.

It is five months since TSSA, alongside RMT, ASLEF and Unite, began pay talks with London Underground. LU management have been lacklustre in their engagement, and have insisted that any settlement on pay was conditional upon reaching an agreement on Night Tube.

Following industrial action ballots, in which members of all four recognised trades unions voted overwhelmingly in favour of strike action, talks began at ACAS, but little progress has been made so far.


What kind of tube do we want to see?

A safe, properly staffed system that works for all passengers. As part of our Better London Transport campaign, we’ve proposed a Passenger Charter with four main rights:

  • The ability for all passengers, young and old, disabled and not to be able to turn up and travel (access for disabled passengers is greatly impacted by staff shortages)
  • A friendly face and a helping hand with a visible staff presence throughout all stations – including on platforms, in ticket halls and on gate lines - throughout tube opening hours.
  • A safe and secure tube with well maintained stations and trains, plus sufficient well trained staff to cope with any incidents.
  • Clear communication and updates, with people you can ask, not just automated announcements.

Find out more about our Passenger Charter.



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