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2.8% RPI Increase: Passengers are paying more and getting less

14 August 2019

Responding to news today that regulated rail fares in England are set to rise by at least 2.8% in January, in line with July's RPI figures, TSSA leader Manuel Cortes said, "We must end this rail rip off fiasco. Passengers aren't stupid. They know that they're paying more and getting less, year on year. Now that the Tories appear to have found the magic money tree, they should give it one more shake to give our hard-pressed rail passengers a break by implementing a fares freeze in 2020.

“Fares have already risen by 46% since 2009 but wages have only risen by half that in the same period. Yet 2018 saw a record 4 million hours lost to train delays. Our passengers aee paying for a Rols Royce service but being taken for a ride by privateers on Reliant Robin.
It’s time Shapps and Johnson admitted what everyone else already knows. Tory Frankenstein rail privatisation has failed. It only works for greedy fat cat privateers who profit at our expense.

“Time to put the brakes on this privatisation racket. Let’s bring our railways back into public ownership and start making our trains work for passengers, not shareholders.”

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