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TSSA Members Balloted on TfL Final Pay Offer

8 September 2016

TSSA is balloting members in bands 1-3 on TfL's final pay offer. The offer is a pot for base pay increases equal to 1.0% of total pay bill of £225M. They propose to distribute this using the Pay for Performance mechanism.The budget for performance awards is 2.5% of the pay bill.

By comparison to TfL's final offer:

  • Colleagues in London Underground recently received a 1.3% pay rise, in line with inflation which is also 1.3%
  • The average pay increase paid to senior managers (bands 4 and 5) and directors was 5.1%, and their average performance award was 7.7%
  • The average pay rise paid to directors was 7.8%, and the overall budget for their pay rises was just under 4%.The average performance award paid to directors was 19.5%, or just under £33,000, and the overall budget for their awards was 18.6%.

To take part in the pay ballot click on:

Under Pay for Performance many long-serving staff do not receive a consolidated pay rise. TSSA continues to argue for a single, transparent, negotiated rise in base pay for all staff.

The distribution of pay rises under Pay for Performance is not something TfL management willnegotiate. Nor will they negotiatethe size of the budget for performance awards.

Having increased their previous offer of 0.75% to 1.0%, below the rate of inflation, TfL then made a number of last minute changes to the way in which pay rises and performance awards will be distributed.

For example, the 4 rating awards for staff in zones, B, C and D are all 0.5% lower than last year. This means higher performers in 2016 will receive a lower increase than they would have in 2015.

Additionally, the budget for performance awards has dropped from 3% last year to only 2.5% this year. This obviously means that performance awards for most staff will be lower than last year.

The details of how TfL propose to distribute this pay offer to staff in bands 1-3 can be accessed below:

Band 1

  Band 1 PfP 2016

Band 2

  Band 2 Pfp 2016

Band 3

  Band 3 PfP 2016


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