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Amey Update: T&Cs, Quarantine, TUPE

30 September 2020

Amey TSSA update on agreed Consulting terms and conditions, quarantine arrangements and TUPE

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First members were forced to take leave in lockdown, then they were threatened for going away!

Six months ago, Amey tried to force employees to take booked annual leave in full, despite the new lockdown measures preventing members from going away. Our reps successfully negotiated a more flexible approach so members could postpone booked leave and enjoy a more normal break in the future.

Amey recently wrote to staff attempting to impose the inverse of the policy above. Members were told that if they take booked holidays to countries not excluded from quarantine rules they would face two weeks without pay on their return. Even those who have been working from home exclusively since lockdown! Once again, our reps have successfully intervened so that a fairer, common sense approach applies. Rather than face legal claims for unlawful deductions from members wages, Amey have agree that managers can exercise discretion so that members get paid as normal if they can work productively during enforced quarantine. If affected members do not feel that they are being treated fairly they are entitled to use the grievance procedure. Contact your rep or the Members’ Helpdesk for support.

After seven years of resistance, Amey begin to fulfil promise to collectively agree T&Cs

TSSA members in Amey Consulting won the right to collectively negotiate their pay and conditions in 2012. Since we signed a bargaining agreement we have always had the promise that individual personal contracts would no longer be issued. Instead, all new starters and those changing roles e.g. on promotion, would be offered consistent terms including rates of pay and allowances. After a long-running campaign by reps and many hurdles reported through we can report that the terms for all Bands A-C roles in CEFA and OPI are finally agreed. This establishes a level playing field to move towards equal pay and consistent conditions. Some of the terms will require further improvement through negotiation once new staff and those on promotion are in post. Our reps are working to ensure that work on T&Cs for the remaining roles in Consulting is concluded. For agreed T&Cs click For the covering letter click

Reps’ TUPE Expertise

In preparation for the planned breakup of CEFA and OPI contracts (see for more), Amey Consulting Reps have undertaken comprehensive training on TUPE regulations. Our reps are working to ensure that Amey cooperate with us so that, where possible, the company takes all steps to ensure members are protected by the regulations.

In the event of a TUPE transfer or redundancy situation, your contract of employment will be a significant factor in how you are treated by your employer. Notice periods, locations and redundancy terms are examples of where contractual terms may be important. Our reps believe that Amey may not always have accurate records of your terms and conditions, especially for those who transferred from a previous employer. Request a copy of your contract of employment from Amey HR now to ensure that your employer has accurate records of your place of work and terms and conditions of employment. This will give you an early opportunity to correct any inaccuracies before they become problematic in the event of TUPE or redundancy.

What can I do?

Now is the time for Amey Rail staff to join our union. Staff who will be affected by changes to CEFA and OPI will need to be in TSSA, the recognised union, to be involved in shaping the future and supporting staff. Consulting staff outside of CEFA, OPI and Earthworks who remain with Amey will see the loss of members and reps who leave Amey. To continue to have a say, enjoy protection at work and to negotiate good deals we need those not in our union to join TSSA, and those who don’t have a local rep yet to elect representatives

For information on Amey TSSA Reps and news, visit or contact the members’ Helpdesk.

Get involved!

We have vacancies for TSSA Reps at all levels. If you are interested in playing a more active role to give practical support to your colleagues, contact to find out about nominations, training and support for our Union Representatives.

In these testing times, please look out for your colleagues’ wellbeing. Help remind your teammates that they can join our union and benefit from guidance and support.

Please share this circular with your colleagues

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