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Arriva Rail North (Northern): 2019 Pay - Final Offer Falls Short of Members' Expectations.

8 October 2019

Our union's representatives attended the AOD meeting with the company alongside our colleagues from sister unions RMT and Unite.

It was our collective desire to return from this meeting with an improved offer that met our pay submissions and reflected the aspirations of our membership.

Offer simply not good enough.

Unfortunately, the company did not come up with the goods.

We were made a full and final offer of an increase of 2.75% to be applied equally across all relevant grades.

This is unacceptable – Northern income, profit and ability to operate is down to every employees’ efforts.

Delay on Pay Not Unions Fault.

We would also like to remind members that as part of last years’ pay settlement it was agreed by all parties (unions and employer) that going forward the pay talks would be dealt with in a timely and respectful manner in order to ensure that your pay increases were delivered on the pay anniversary date (first Sunday in April).

Let me assure you that all unions adhered to this agreement; pay submissions were in well in advance of talks commencing and we have always been available and willing to meet with the employer – the delay and longevity of this years’ pay talks sits firmly with the employer.

It is also worth noting that you colleagues in Arriva Cross Country have also rejected an offer of 2.75% - it is our view that there is no coincidence in that the offer been made at Northern mirrors the offer made at Cross Country. It would appear that the bosses at Northern and other Arriva companies are been dictated to by the parent company.

The points made above are the collective view of all three unions remaining within the collective discussions around pay – TSSA, RMT & Unite.

All three unions are united in their response to the offer and all three unions will be putting the offer to their respective members with a recommendation to reject.

If members follow our recommendation to reject, and the company fail to improve the offer to meet our expectations, all three unions will be looking to ballot members for industrial action. This will be a systematic, co-ordinated, approach between ourselves, the RMT and Unite.

Are your details up to date?

Are your membership details up to date? We will shortly be sending out ballot forms to all effected members so you can have your say on your pay. To ensure you get a say in this important referendum please check we have your up to date details.

We understand you have busy lives, but to ensure you receive the best from your union and so that we can effectively represent and consult on your behalf, we need to ensure your details are always up to date.

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