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Avanti 'Failure From The Off' - Cortes

9 December 2019

TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes, has described the Avanti West Coast mainline service as a "failure from the off" after the company's website crashed on its opening day.

Avanti – the Italian name for forward – was left red-faced by a huge passenger backlash over the website, with many people unable to book tickets or view service information (8th Decembers 2019).

The company, which took over the Virgin Trains franchise at the weekend, has been forced to apologise, blaming ‘the number of people trying to use’ the website’.

Cortes said: “Avanti has been a failure from the start, unable to even get their website into gear, never mind master the complexities of running trains on our railways.

“Far from going forward it looks as though Avanti is already taking us backwards. With passengers calling for the return of Virgin things must be very bad indeed.

“Frankly this is ominous, and I would no more trust the hot air of Avanti about their plans for the West Coast than I would Virgin’s Richard Branson, who for two decades fleeced the public while sipping cocktails on Necker Island.

“What we need is an end to the madness of franchised railways. They should never have been a plaything for billionaires and shareholders.

“British working people need our railways in our hands. Only Labour will end the great railway rip off.”  

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