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Avanti West Coast 'Ironic and Retrograde' After Virgin Failures

27 November 2019

TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes, has described as 'ironic and retrograde' the rebranding of the West Coast mainline franchise as Avanti West Coast.

Avanti, the Italian for forward, is the name chosen by FirstGroup and Trenitalia who will, from 8th December, take over the operation of InterCity West Coast rail services between London, the North of England and Scotland.

Cortes said: “the irony of rebranding the West Coast franchise Avanti - Italian for forward - won't be lost on passengers after more than 20 years of going backwards with Virgin Trains.

“No matter what it’s called awarding this new franchise is a retrograde step. The reality is the Tories’ Frankenstein privatisation experiment on our railways is completely bust.

“Perhaps the Avanti reference is in relation to Pass Go - Collect £200 in Monopoly, as heads or tails the privateers always win.

“It's time to put our passengers first by bringing our railways back into public ownership. A vote for Labour on December 12 will do just that.”

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