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Bin Brexit with May

10 December 2018

Commenting on news that Prime Minister, Theresa May has withdrawn the ability of Parliament to vote on her Brexit deal tomorrow night, TSSA General Secretary Manuel Cortes said:

"Mrs May has long run scared of returning her disastrous Brexit negotiations to a popular vote sign-off and now she knows she can't win in Parliament, she's running from MPs too.

"But there is no place for her or Tory Brexiteers to hide. They sowed the Brexit wind and now they are reaping its whirlwind. Britain is simply refusing to be bullied by the Tories into Brexit.

"If May won't let Parliament decide a way forward, let's get to the country, let's get to a General Election and let's get Jeremy Corbyn as our PM at the head of a Labour government.

"Labour will build peace with Europe and bringing a new deal of hope, jobs and prosperity home to our heartlands after the long hard years of Tory austerity. The Tories have knocked the stuffing out of Britain for long enough. It's Tory time-to-go. And time to bin their Brexit with them."

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