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Boris is Blamed for Tube Strike

3 August 2015

TSSA blamed the London Mayor for Wednesday's tube strike after rejecting a revised offer on pay and the start of the Night Tube service.

Manuel Cortes, leader of the rail union, said after the breakdown of talks at ACAS.

"The Night Tube was a gimmick when Boris Johnson first announced it and it still remains a gimmick today.

"The only difference is that he has now worked out that he may not be able to afford it after all. Our private information is that it will not break even until 2033.

"This is the reason he is now gambling with the health and safety of our members. Now he wants to blame the unions for failing to start it on time next month.

"This is not about industrial relations, it is about politics and Boris's long term drive towards Downing Street."

He insisted the dispute was not about pay but the work/life balance of his members as well as safety issues with staffing levels on the Night Tube.

 "There are a number of stations where there will be one member of staff on duty during the middle of the night. With crowds of potential drunks to deal with, we think that could be an accident waiting to happen."

He said the union remained available for discussions "anywhere at any time."


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