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Bye to May. Hello to Brexit Amnesty

13 December 2018

Responding to news that Theresa May will quit before going to the country in an election, TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes said,

“Theresa May knows Brexit is toxic. It killed the premiership of David Cameron, the man who first foisted it upon us and she has finally announced it has killed her premiership. The trades union and labour movement must now rally behind Jeremy Corbyn and together we will kill off this most poisonous ever of Tory policies before it kills Britain.

“whatever the Tory party does to save it’s face tonight, it can’t save her skin. She’s finished. The nation has #noconfidence in her or her party. Time to stand down Theresa. And take your Brexit with you. Time now for Britain to reward itself with a Brexit amnesty.

"Time to to make way for the PrimeMinister who can give that to us. Vote Corbyn. Vote Labour. Vote for a new Brexit free beginning for Britain.”

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