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Campaigning for safe and fully funded public transport in London

29 October 2016

TSSA Motion – London Labour Biennial Conference 2016

“Conference notes:
1: A recent TSSA survey - given prominent coverage in the Evening Standard and national media - showed 83% of London Underground (LU) station staff feeling less safe or dangerously unsafe since Boris introduced new Fit For the Future (FftF) working practices in April 2016;

2: A sharp spike in severe passenger verbal and physical abuse towards LU staff - 79% of TSSA members reported an increase since FFtF began;

3: LU staff responding to TSSA’s survey said reopening ticket offices would immediately ease their strain and anxiety at work;

4: As Mayor, Sadiq has fulfilled his manifesto commitment and commissioned London TravelWatch to undertake a review of ticket office closures and staffing following 800 job losses ;

5: In the November 2015 financial statement, Osborne axed TfL's Operating Grant meaning that by 2018, London will be the only major capital city in the world without a public transport subsidy.

Conference resolves to:
1: Call on Sadiq to immediately reopen LU ticket offices and reverse staff cuts which are making the network less safe for passengers and staff. Conference recognises that his ability to do so is severely undermined by the removal of TfL’s Operating Grant;

2: Instructs London Labour to launch a campaign with affiliates for the full restoration of TfL's Operating Grant;

3: Call for a Labour Party pledge to fully restore TfL's Operating Grant.

4: Ask Sadiq to prosecute those who verbally and/or physically abuse staff and ban them from London’s transport network.”

248 Words

Manuel Cortes
General Secretary

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