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Carlaw can "stand up for Scotland" by telling Johnson to build HS2 here - Cortes

15 February 2020

TSSA today told the new Scottish Tory Leader Jackson Carlaw "Stand up for Scotland by telling Prime Minister Johnson to build HS2 all the way here".

Manuel Cortes, TSSA’s General Secretary, said, “Jackson Carlaw as the new leader of the Scottish Tories has pledged to stand up for Scotland. We’ve heard this kind of thing from the Tories before – but when it comes to the crunch this means very little. Scotland’s still leaving the EU against its will, Scottish parents are still suffering from the two-child benefit cap.

“Well here’s something Jackson Carlaw can do that will really help the people of Scotland. Tell Boris Johnson to build HS2 all the way to Glasgow and Edinburgh and deliver the real boost to tourism and the wider economy that Scotland needs after Brexit.”


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