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Commuters are no longer your cash cows, TSSA warns TOCs

8 September 2020

Responding to reports that Train Operating Companies (TOCs) are offering commuters "discounts" which are actually more expensive than pro-rata season tickets, Manuel Cortes, TSSA General Secretary said: "Commuters have been used as cash cows by private rail companies for decades so it's no surprise that industry bosses want to squeeze them again.

"The Emergency Measures Arrangements which have protected private franchise shareholders' income while the government covered the cost for running our railways has exposed the utter failure of privatisation.

"There is an unprecedented opportunity to bring rail into public ownership and deliver affordable fares for passengers while also incentivising safe and spread out passenger loads to get more people back onto our railways. The government should grab this opportunity instead of wasting taxpayers' money on private profit and allowing private companies to continue with rip off fares."

Flexi travel tickets are being offered by several TOCs at a discount of 5% off full price returns, with West Midlands Trains one of the latest to introduce such an offer.

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