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Commuters paying for the failure of privatisation - Cortes

6 January 2020

TSSA union leader Manuel Cortes has slammed failing rail companies as commuters return to work with sky rocketing fares and delays and cancellations.

Multiple commuter lines inflicted cancellations and delays on rail users returning to work after the festive break this morning, while fares have increased by 2.7 per cent on average in the last week. Today (Monday) is also the day that ftse 100 bosses receive the same pay of an average UK worker, after only three days of paid work, known as ‘High Pay Day’.

Manuel Cortes, TSSA General Secretary, said: “This is a double whammy for rail commuters returning to work – delays and cancellations, with higher prices without any service improvements.

“Commuters are paying for the failure of privatisation day in, day out.

“The system is clearly broken with privatisation working for those at the top while masses of rail commuters are forced to pay through the nose for terrible services. The sooner these rail services are brought into public ownership the better.”

Germany has cut rail fares in response to the climate crisis, and Labour also proposed to cut rail fares in the UK. Under the privatised rail model, fares have risen every year with £4.4 billion paid out to shareholders since 2010 while services have fallen behind.


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