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Corbyn Speech To Conference Is 'Overture To Government' - Cortes

24 September 2019

TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes, has welcomed Jeremy Corbyn's keynote speech to Labour Conference, describing it as the "overture to a transformative Labour government" which will sweep away decades of neo liberalism.

Manuel Cortes said: “Jeremy Corbyn looked and sounded today like a Prime Minister in waiting with a fantastic speech to Conference – a stark comparison with the charlatan who currently resides in Downing St.

“This was nothing less than the overture to a transformative Labour Government which will govern in the interests of our people rather than a privileged few.

“It’s now very likely that in just a few weeks our country will go out and vote for a new and radical Labour government which is so badly needed.

“This will mark the end of almost 40 years of neo liberalism, ushering in a comprehensive political and economic settlement for the many not the few.

“Make no mistake – only a vote for Labour will guarantee the British people have a final say over Brexit and the future direction of our country.”

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