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Cortes Calls for Crossrail Urgent Inquiry

10 December 2018

TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes, has responded to news that completing Crossrail will require a further huge injection of public money, by calling for an "urgent inquiry" into why contractors have failed to deliver on time.

The Mayor of London, the Greater London Authority (GLA), and Transport for London (TfL) have today confirmed a financing package with the Government in order to finish the already behind schedule opening of the Elizabeth line as quickly as possible.

The line, due to open this December was revised to Autumn 2019 just two months ago but now there is no longer a target finish date.

However the Greater London Authority will now borrow up to £1.3bn from the Department for Transport to meet spiralling costs. The GLA will also provide a £100m cash contribution making its total contribution £1.4bn, which it will provide as a grant to TfL for the Crossrail project. However, with costs estimates to further rise to near £2bn, a loan facility from the DfT of up to £750 million has also been agreed.

Commenting, Manuel Cortes said: “Really the people who should be footing the bill for this delay are not Londoners nor the Department for Transport but the contractors who simply have not delivered on time. The Assembly should now hold an urgent inquiry asking why this is not happening.

“It’s clear this useless government has seen fit to offload its responsibility for infrastructure provision to the people of London. To leave them footing the bill whilst the private contractors carry on making money despite their own failure shows just how the Tories have rigged our public transport system against passengers, against the public purse to benefit the bank accounts of their friends in big business.

”The Transport Secretary, Chris Grayling, should be booted from office for letting Londoners pick up yet another tab for his failure to get a grip of our railways." 

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