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DB Cargo Company Re-Organisation

9 January 2020

TSSA has been made aware by DB Cargo that they are to undertake a re-organisation that could potentially result in redundancies. Managers, TS grades and Engineers will be affected. There are NO plans to reduce the headcount amongst Ground Staff or RTS grades.

TSSA has collective bargaining for TS Grades, which means you as members will be represented by TSSA at the formal collective consultation, which will commence on 29th January 2020. As yet, we have not received a formal precis document from DB Cargo, which will outline the Company’s full proposals. This is to be issued to us before 16th January when your staff reps are due to meet to discuss the details of that proposal, so until we receive this, we have no detailed information. We shall of course share the document with those TSSA members once we have it to get your views, feedback and any counter proposals you may have.

Our main objective is to safeguard jobs and resist compulsory redundancies. We shall be asking the Company to consider voluntary redundancy in the first instance but only from amongst the affected grades, we do not want a repeat of “Project Charles”!

As TSSA does not have collective bargaining for Managers, there can be no collective consultation carried out by us on your behalf. The intention and obligation of the Company is that they must consult with you all individually, and they have indicated to us they will do this via 1-2-1 meetings. The first meeting is to give you in writing their proposals which need to include the Company’s reasons behind their decisions, this will then allow you to question/challenge them on their proposals and you can even make counter proposals.

If you are a Manager and need advice, please contact one of TSSA’s staff reps directly. Due to time restraints and availability of our staff reps (there are only 2 of them) they will be in the collective consultation meetings, I would encourage all Manager members to attend the first 1-2-1 meetings on their own or take in a colleague, as these first meetings are purely to gather information and for you to question the Company on their proposals. If after that initial 1-2-1 meeting you feel you need assistance/representation, then of course contact us to arrange this.
TSSA’s staff reps are Mark Smith and Kevin Summerill both based at Lakeside, Doncaster. Alternatively, you can contact me directly for advice.

I understand this will be a worrying time for everyone affected and it couldn’t come at a worse time. But please be assured that TSSA will do everything we can to secure jobs, but you must also be prepared to fight for your jobs too! You must support your staff reps and encourage your colleagues who aren’t in the union to join to make you even stronger.

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