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DB Cargo Control members - Industrial Action Suspended

26 November 2018

DB Cargo has now agreed to return to the negotiating table for meaningful discussions on this yearÂ’s pay deal.

To allow for these talks to be meaningful and to show commitment TSSA has suspended all industrial action for one week ONLY.

It is usual practice that employers ask for a suspension of action whilst negotiations take place, DB Cargo’s failure is that they left this extremely late to do so.

However, as you’ll agree, the point of this dispute is to achieve a better deal for you and that is our sole focus and aim. DB Cargo have been advised of our expectations and aspirations, now it is up to them to deliver a deal that your staff reps can consider for acceptance.

Once and if, we reach this stage it will be you who gets to decide if the offer is acceptable or not.

If there is no deal by next Monday 3rd December 2018, then industrial action will commence on Tuesday 4th December at 0559.

Make no mistake, the reason why DB Cargo are eager to get back round the negotiating table is due to your collective strength and determination via the ballot that you are prepared to take action to fight for what you all deserve.

We will keep you updated.

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