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DB Cargo Re-Organisation Update

20 January 2020

DB Cargo announced before Christmas that they intend to carry out a re-organisation amongst the TS graded staff which is likely to result in redundancies, yet at the same time had no specific details to share with TSSA. Why make the announcement when they have nothing to tell us?

To allow for meaningful consultation to take place, an employer should ensure the recognised Trade Union has all relevant documents relating to the re-organisation at least a week before the start of formal consultation. This ensures that staff reps can speak to members and gain their views before any formal meetings commence.

DB Cargo assured us that your staff reps would be in receipt of those documents last week, as formal consultation was planned to commence today (16/01/20),they failed to do that! In fact, TSSA only received the precis document on Monday (13/01/20) of this week, which is insufficient time for us to review that document and then seek your views. Also, it’s worth noting we still haven’t got the job descriptions or organisation charts that they are proposing in the document.

I’m sure you will agree that meaningful consultation needs to take place and it should not be rushed. Therefore, given the delay caused by DB Cargo failing to distribute the documents as required, we have had no choice but to delay the start of formal consultation. No-one wants a repeat of “Project Charles”!

Your staff reps now have copies of the precis document which they can share with you. I would encourage those members affected to pass on any questions, concerns etc you have to your staff reps in advance of the formal consultation meeting which is scheduled for 29th January, this is where your reps will be your voice and put forward your views and seek answers to your questions. We shall then feedback to TSSA members with answers and further information. I would strongly advise members not to share information with non-members, all employees have been asked to join TSSA and those who have refused should not now have a say! Don’t pay your union subs for others to gain from.

Our main objective is to save as many jobs as possible and mitigate against compulsory redundancies, but we need your help to do this. It is so important that you support your staff reps and give them valuable information about your roles which will shape our arguments to save your jobs.

Management Members

For TSSA members who are managers, whilst TSSA does not have collective bargaining for your grades, you are entitled to formal individual consultation with the employer and have a union rep present.

I would strongly advise you to take a staff rep with you to your formal meetings so they can represent you and advise you in accordance with the law on re-organisations and redundancies. Also, staff reps have an overview of all changes within the business so they may have information from other sources that can assist in your consultations.

TSSA has sole recognition rights for TS grades, so whether you are a member or not, TSSA will consult and agree changes for all roles affected. The difference is ONLY TSSA members will have a voice at meetings with Management, and it will be your jobs we seek to save.  

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