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Election of General Secretary

1 November 2016

The Scrutineers have reported that at the close of the period for nominations there were 32 valid branch nominations received: 20 for Manuel Cortes and 12 for Wayne Geoghegan.

As each candidate had more than five nominations together with nominations from at least two branches in different Divisional Council areas both were Qualifying Candidates under Rule 48(c) and an election for the five year term of office starting 2nd January 2017 is now required.

Electoral Reform Services (ERS) have been appointed as the Independent Scrutineers for the purposes of this election. All of the paperwork associated with the election is to be distributed to members entitled to vote on Thursday 03 November 2016 and the closing date for receipt of completed ballot papers by ERS is Wednesday 30 November 2016.

All queries concerning the administration of the election must be directed to ERS at The Election Centre, 33 Clarendon Road, London N8 0NW, telephone 020 8365 8909.

Details of the nominating Branches are as follows:

Manuel Cortes, nominated by:

Anglia South General (120), Belfast (028), Crewe & Cheshire General (284), East Scotland General (843), Euston (606), Kent (641), Lancs & Cumbria General (096), Lancs & Cumbria Retired (599), London Bus & Rail Operators (467), London Met. (454), London N.W. Retired (639), Midlands Network Rail (730), Network Rail London South (680), Network Rail North London (610), North East Operations (925), Scotland Retired (859), Southeastern Metro (640), Wales No 1 (887), West Scotland General (850), Yorkshire General (433).

Wayne Geoghegan nominated by:

East Midlands Trains No 1 (737), Inverness and North General (844), London South & West General (170), LU MATS & Operating Managers (450), Network Rail Anglia North (507), Network Rail East Anglia (510), Swindon & Chippenham (385), TFL Central (460), Travel Trade Scotland (853), Underground No. 1 (465), Wessex (195), West Midlands TOC (727).

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