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End #ScotFail sign the People's Petition to save ScotRail

3 December 2018

Transport Union TSSA are stepping up the campaign for a publicly owned ScotRail this week by launching a People’s ScotRail Petition.

The petition will be launched online on Monday following news that fares are set to rise again in the new year by 3.1% despite the worst year of service to Scotland's rail passengers in ScotRail's privatised history.

The Dutch-owned Abellio franchise is excelling in failing passengers. It has delivered slower, later and less reliable trains since it took over in 2015. Yet inexplicably, Transport Minister Michael Matheson recently abolished the penalty system intended to keep ScotRail accountable.

A publicly owned ScotRail could invest in better, newer and more reliable stock, meaning Scottish commuters would finally have trains they could rely on to get to work on time.

TSSA leader Manuel Cortes said “Passengers deserve better than higher prices for worse services. But the SNP is washing its hands of passenger needs and working under the Matheson regime in the Dutch company interest rather than for the Scottish public he's elected to serve.

"The SNP committed to a public bid for the ScotRail franchise in their 2016 manifesto. Sadly, it has become clear they have no intention of delivering that and Minister Matheson is showing that he will let Abellio off the hook for continuing failing passengers.

“Abellio failed its franchise obligations, - Matheson gave them a waiver on their targets. At a debate on using the break clause in the contract on the 14th November the SNP sided with the Tories to vote the motion down – on the same day ScotRail admitted needing a £23million bailout from next year’s budget!

“They’ve had 2 years to make plans for ScotRail’s nationalisation but all Matheson has done since he took office has been to look for excuses to get out of it.

“Now we find, not only are Abellio incapable of running a railway, they’re not even capable of keeping their trains together!

“On top of that this week we found out that Abellio’s parent company Nederlandse Spoorwegen transported more than 107thousand Jews to nazi death camps during World War II. We want no part in a company that not only collaborated with but profited from such an exercise in mass murder.

“Enough’s enough. The people of ScotRail deserve better than endless excuses for a second-class railway. Our union will always stand up for what is best for Scottish rail passengers and workers.

“Now we’re giving the people of Scotland a chance to have their say by signing the petition.”

The petition will be officially launched on Monday 3rd December and can be found here.

Notes to editors
available for interview on the day.
Manuel Cortes, TSSA General Secretary is available for interview.

Please contact Liz Warren-Corney on 07341 737817 or Carmel Nolan on 07718 155105 to arrange

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