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Eurostar shift dispute

20 July 2016

Eurostar services could be disrupted next month in the peak holiday season in a row over work rosters.

Trains managers at St Pancras in the TSSA start a strike ballot tomorrow (21/07/2016) in protest at more favourable shifts for their French colleagues across the Channel.
The dispute is over rosters which the English managers say prevents them from working on the holiday routes from Paris down to Avignon and Marseille in the South of France.
Manuel Cortes, leader of the TSSA , one of two unions involved in the row, said:
"This agreement stretches back to 2008 and guarantees a fair share of rosters both sides of the Channel.
"But we are not seeing this at the moment with French colleagues doing all the shifts to the South of France as well as doing more day and overnight shifts.
"They seem to be getting first choice of shifts. Our members do not. No one wants to see disruption over the holiday season and that is why we want this sorted out very soon."

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