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Executive Committee Report - January 2020

26 March 2020

Apologies were received from Martin Hartley (annual leave) The December 2019 Executive Committee meeting had been cancelled owing to the General Election.


Following the decision of Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn to stand down, the Executive Committee invited all the candidates for both the Leader and Deputy Leader posts to address the Committee and to answer questions on why they should receive the nomination of the association. The Committee also agreed to put to a ballot of Political Levy payers the two candidates for each position which made the best cases for their candidature.

All the candidates for both positions were invited, however Jess Phillips, Lisa Nandy and Ian Murray were unable to attend and sent their apologies. Each candidate was asked to make a presentation of up to ten minutes before answering questions from the Committee.

Following a long and detailed debate within the Committee, it was decided that the ballot of members would be between Rebecca Long-Bailey and Sir Keir Starmer for the Leader and Rosena Allin-Khan and Angela Rayner for Deputy Leader.

The Executive Committee also recorded its congratulations and best wishes to our former Political Officer Sam Tarry in his election as Labour Member of Parliament for Ilford South. Our union wishes Sam every success in his new role.


The Executive Committee received a detailed report from a working party established to examine the function and effectiveness of our Self Organised Groups (SOGs). A number of recommendations to improve SOGs were noted, including the need for SOGs currently without formal constitutions to create them, as well as to continue the work already done to reinvigorate the BAME SOG.

The Executive Committee agreed to a request forwarded by Nicola Jukes (North East EC member) that the Committee agree to the organising of a TSSA Women’s Conference later this year. The Committee also agreed that TSSA’s Women in Focus SOG be given responsibility for organising the event.

The Executive Committee also agreed in principle to the establishment of a National Reps Seminar later this year. The event, should cost around £10,000 on the basis that it is open to no more than 50 delegates. A further report on the finer details of the proposal will be put to the EC at a later date.

Following a number of responses from branches, the Executive Committee considered a report from the Democracy Working Party which will be sent to branches, SOGs and Divisional Councils in due course.

The EC also considered a report from TfL Central branch on their agreed changes to their Standing Orders, which reduced the number of meetings but increased activity via online means.

The Treasurer gave a report to the Executive following his attendance at the most recent People’s Press Printing Society meeting in November.

The Executive Committee agreed a motion to be put to TUC Disabled Workers’ Conference on accessibility for disabled people on ageing rolling stock and replacement bus services.

The Committee also received and considered a detailed report from Melissa Heywood (Midlands EC member) from her participation as a delegate to the European Transport Federation’s European Digitalisation and Automation Workshop in Stockholm in October 2019. It was clear from Melissa’s report that it was essential that employers re-skill workers adversely affected by digitalisation and automation, but willingness amongst employers across the continent to do this varies.

The General Federation of Trade Unions, to which TSSA is affiliated, has extended an invitation to TSSA delegates to attend its Union Building Conference, to take place in Quorn on 21st to 23rd February. Steve Andrews (Anglia and London North East division EC member) and Melissa Hey-wood (Midlands) expressed an interest, and two young members will also be sought to attend as part of the delegation.


The Executive Committee agreed to a request from TSSA’s Disability Working Group SOG for funding for the next twelve months. The request, which was accompanied by a financial report from the past year as well as a report detailing the SOG’s activities over the same period, was noted with thanks by the Committee.

The print room in our head office building in London is very close to completion and should be operating by the time this report is published.

Membership and Time to Grow

Membership of the union continued to remain steady and above the 18,000 mark. A recruitment week was to commence in January 2020 and all those who contributed to the rise in the union’s membership since the end of 2018 are to be congratulated for their efforts.


Following the Queen’s Speech, delivered on 19th December 2019, where the Queen stated that one of the government’s aims would be “To ensure people can depend on the transport network, measures will be developed to provide for minimum levels of service during transport strikes.”, it was reported to the EC that the General Secretary had met with our sister unions ASLEF, RMT and Unite to discuss the details of these proposals, published in a briefing document shortly after the Queen’s speech. Further reports and updates will be given to the Executive Committee in the coming months.


The Committee agreed to a request from Crewe and Cheshire General branch that they make a donation of £250 to The Railwaymen Supporters Association, a local community group set up to protect and expand community activities and involvement with Crewe Alexandra Football Club.

Notable Donations

The Executive Committee agreed to the following donations and affiliation fees:

• £250 to the Wapping Film Appeal following a meeting between representatives of the Appeal and the General Secretary

• £50 to Hazards Campaign

• £350 to sponsor the Tolpuddle Martyrs’ Festival

• £50 to H.E.A.R.T.

• £50 to ACT SA

Other business

The Executive Committee noted two reports from Steve Whitehead on the National Pensioners Convention Executive Committee and the NPC Finance Working Party. The EC recorded its thanks to Steve.

Yorkshire General branch requested that they rename to North East General. This was agreed by the Executive.


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