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Good News for WASPIs

26 November 2019

Millions of women born in the 1950s have been given hope of compensation after their state pension age was put up with little to no notice.

Women who’d worked hard all their lives were told, only a few months before their retirement in some cases, that they'd have to work longer for less.

Many of our members are stuck working long hours and anti-social shifts at a time when they thought they would be retiring. Carrying out night shifts when they expected to be spending time with their grandkids and enjoying life.

The government broke the contract with women born between April 6, 1950 and April 5, 1960. It has robbed women of what was rightfully theirs and push many into poverty.

In last Friday night's Question Time Leaders' Debate, Boris Johnson let down the WASPI women. He said the Conservatives would not offer any compensation.

By contrast, Labour has said it would right this wrong and ensure all those affected would be entitled to compensation for each week of state pension lost.

This means that overall under a Labour government, WASPI women would be entitled to an average payment of £15,380 with some receiving up to £31,300.

You can find out more about Labour's plans here.

The choice is simple. If you want justice for WASPI women then now is our chance - we must vote Labour and get a new government elected. But with postal votes arriving very soon we need to get the word out quickly.

Please speak to your friends and your family members today and share this article

If you’re not registered to vote it’s not too late and it will only take you five minutes. Click here, and have your National Insurance number to hand (you can find it on your payslip)

It's now or never.

In solidarity

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