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It's your pay, have your say! Amey 2021 Offer

2 March 2021

TSSA members at Amey are invited to vote in our online pay referendum after Amey management offered a “best and final offer” of 1.5% on salary and allowances with a minimum underpin of £500. This would mean a one-year deal of RPI inflation plus 0.1%.

To view the written offer, visit

Vote in our online survey at

TSSA reps met to discuss whether to encourage members to vote to accept or reject the offer. In the meeting, your representatives acknowledged that CEFA members who are facing TUPE transfers to other employers from 1 April may not be in a position to negotiate an improved offer if the current offer is not accepted. Transferring members potentially face a choice between a 1.5% pay increase or no pay increase. If an offer is agreed before TUPE transfer, the new salary will transfer with staff under TUPE. However, if no offer is agreed at the point of transfer, we can only hope that prospective employers will agree to apply the terms of any future Amey deal.

After a wide-ranging discussion, reps voted to decide whether to collectively recommend that members accept or reject the offer. A majority of reps determined that we will recommend that members vote to reject the offer on the basis that it does not give adequate recognition to the efforts made by members during the pandemic. Also, while the offer of 1.5% is above the RPI figure which we used as the basis of our pay claim, reps anticipate that economic volatility could mean that inflation increases significantly if a successful vaccination programme brings an end to lockdown and social distancing. This might mean that the cost of living rises above the increase offered.

Our referendum survey asks members to decide whether to accept or reject the offer. If you vote to reject, you will be asked to indicate what increase you would find acceptable and what you would be prepared to do to force Amey to make an improved offer so that we can plan our strategy.

Our referendum closes at noon on Tuesday 9 March, make sure that you vote and have your say at

Have your say in the TSSA Equality Survey!

Our union researched ‘Equality in the Rail Industry’ back in 2015, the first survey of its type in our rail industry, which became the basis of our Equality Agenda. From this sprung many successful campaigns, such as Inclusive Rail, and established our new BAME Network

Now we want to update that work, so we can look at our priorities for the next five years. The pandemic has highlighted inequality on many levels, and it is more important than ever for our union to be leading on Equality.

Please complete our equality survey online:

We have provided various promotional items, including an A4 poster and social media images, to help promote the survey. These can be found at

Help defend the right to negotiate with Amey.

The right to collectively bargain at Amey; to elect representatives, negotiate pay and policies, and to have a collective voice on change at work, is a right that our members have fought for and won. With the loss of contracts, staff reductions in some departments and TUPE transfers, many members and reps will be leaving Amey, leaving constituents behind. To ensure that you are not left without a voice and without representation, it is crucial that members consider who will represent them in the workplace and how to help build our union. This is especially important for those outside of CEFA in head office-type roles. To find out about getting more involved contact Look out for more information about open meetings to discuss union representation.




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