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January 2018 EC summary

23 January 2018

Summary of the key issues and decisions made at the meeting of TSSA's Executive Committee held on 18 and 19 January 2018.

• The GS updated us on the state of play in Virgin West Coast. After the threat of strike action Virgin made an improved offer which was accepted by our members at a ratio of 10 to 1. Mr Beadle commented that the overwhelming outcome was welcome, and hoped that the RMT ballot would follow suit.
• The GS updated us on the Irish rail strike, which had also resulted in an improved offer that was accepted by our members.
• The GS updated us on the Cross Country pay dispute. The company capitulated and has offered all staff, including managers who we represent, the same increase of 3.3%.
• An update on the new Head Office was given by the GS. The EC hopes to have information for the membership in the next couple of weeks.
• The recruitment week held in December last year was an overwhelming success, so much so that four more have been planned throughout 2018. Hopefully this will give time for more of you to arrange release/time to get involved. Dates are weeks commencing; 23rd April, 11th June, 17th Sept, and 10th Dec.
• As every year, a request for financial support for the Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival was received. The EC agreed £350, for which we get advertising and space for a small marquee.
• The GFTU is holding a ‘Union Building Conference in February, and we were asked to send three EC members as delegates along with the GS, President and a member of full time staff. Messrs Kilroy, Bayley, and Andrews were volunteered.
• A discussion was held over the responses received from circular 205/17 on the Democracy of the Union. Some branches had asked for an extension on the deadline for responses, and this was agreed to be 23rd February.
• FutureTSSA submitted a report on their pans to hold a young members seminar in order to re-launch FutureTSSA and bring on the next generation of reps and activists. Dates are pencilled in for either the last weekend of April, or the first weekend of May. Branches and Divisions will be encouraged to help encourage attendance from young members. FutureTSSA hope to see six delegates per division.
• A report was received from the Rule Book Working Party. Which was noted by the EC.
• As a Union we have been in protracted correspondence with the Certification Officer over changes to the rules affecting our political fund. These are to be discussed further at the next EC meeting.
• The EC received correspondence from the Campaign for Better Transport requesting our re-affiliation. This was agreed at a rate of £13,000. Also, it was agreed to invite their Chief Executive, Stephen Joseph, to address the next EC meeting.
• Correspondence from Jason Turvey, Treasurer, requested that the Union fund free copies of the Morning Star to be distributed to delegates at our conference in June, along with articles on conference and TSSA advertising space. This was agreed by the EC.
• Network Rail North London Branch sent correspondence regarding facilities for accessing new entrant staff for recruitment having lapsed. A suitable response from the EC will be sent.
• Network Rail section of the Railway Pension Scheme was reported to be in surplus after having been in deficit for some time. They were seeking EC agreement to maintain the level of funding going forwards. This was agreed by the EC.
• The EC received a presentation from Mel Taylor, organiser TfL, on Time to Grow successes within TfL. Between May 2016 and December 2017, membership net growth in TfL was 162 members despite 600 job losses in 2017, with 408 recruited in the last 12 months. TfL are aiming to cut their headcount by 20% over the next five years, which is an additional 800 job cuts.
• The EC was addressed by Katy Clark, head of the Labour Party Democracy Review. Katy thanked the union for its previous support during her days as an MP. Katy gave us a brief history of the democracy of the Labour Party over its lifetime, from its founding when individual membership wasn’t an option, through to the Collins Review. The Labour Party Democracy Review is looking at how our hugely expanded membership becomes a mass movement which can transform society. The EC were invited to make suggestions and comments.

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