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Johnson Resignation is Wake Up Call For Fantasy Brexit

9 November 2018

TSSA General Secretary Manuel Cortes has described the resignation of Transport Minister Jo Johnson from the Government over Brexit as a "wake-up call."

 He also said Conservative MPs should vote down any Brexit deal the Prime minister brings to the Commons. If this doesn't lead to a General Election, Parliament must allow the people to have a final say on Brexit.

Commenting, Cortes said: “Johnson going in this manner is a case of Tories beginning to jump from the runaway train before it goes over a cliff. This is a major wake-up call.

“We are no longer in the realms of fantasy Brexit, as in 2016. This is the real thing and it’s going to hurt millions of people.

“Johnson could have resigned at any time over this government’s useless transport policy but he’s right that Brexit is “a terrible mistake" which will inflict great economic damage on our country.

“Many others in his party know that the only way to avert this great looming crisis is for Tories and MPs across the Commons to vote down this deal. And if this doesn't lead to a General election, Brexit must be send back to the people to be signed off.”

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