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Johnson Speech Will Fool No One - Cortes

2 October 2019

TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes, has described Boris Johnson's speech to the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester as a "damp squib" full of "uninspiring mutterings" on Brexit which "will fool no one."

In his speech Johnson said there should be "no doubt" the only alternative to the Brexit proposals he will put to Brussels is no-deal, with the UK set to leave the EU on 31 October.

In response Cortes said: “What we have seen from this feeble, law breaking Prime Minister is nothing but a recycling of policies which will fool no one.

“Johnson’s proposals on Brexit are worse than those Theresa May had to offer and unlikely to find favour with either the EU or our MPs.

“Overall his uninspiring mutterings to Tory diehards are a damp squib. His only achievement today has been surviving long enough to give this address - even though his days as PM are well and truly numbered.

“We know that Johnson has a very difficult relationship with the truth - he is likely to tell a lie the moment he opens his mouth.

“Our country deserves far better than this. A Labour government is on its way.”

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