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Johnson Spouts Hot Air Over Wind Plans  

6 October 2020

TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes, has dismissed Boris Johnson's speech to the online Conservative Party Conference as "hot air", saying the Prime Minister's pledge that offshore wind farms will generate enough electricity to power every home in the UK within a decade, was "jam tomorrow" and likely to be scrapped in future. 

Manuel Cortes said: “This speech was less about wind and more Johnson hot air, as – sadly – you can’t believe a word this man says.   

“Most of this announcement is about jam tomorrow, with no detail and few costings. The sad reality is that the Tories make pronouncements about measures to decarbonise our economy only to scrap them later - just like they did with rail electrification projects which were announced and then scrapped by Failing Chris Grayling.   

“If the government wants us to take their commitment to fighting climate change seriously, then they must reinstate the shelved rail electrification projects at once.”  

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