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"Labour must be bold" says Manuel Cortes to Keir Starmer speech

22 September 2020

Reacting to Keir Starmer's first speech as Labour leader to conference, TSSA's leader praised his focus on climate change, equality and transformation and said "Labour must be bold".

Keir Starmer gave his first speech as Leader of the Labour Party to Labour Conference (the virtual Labour Connected this year) this morning. Speaking from Doncaster, he outlined his vision for the Party and his opposition to the Conservatives.

After listening to the speech, TSSA General Secretary Manuel Cortes said: "Keir was right to remind us that every Labour government elected since 1945 has been transformative. And so will the next one be. He was right to recognise the challenges of climate change and need to decarbonise our economy and pledge Labour's future economic policies must support this.

“There is no doubt that 10 years of austerity have left all of our communities badly scarred and now the economic fallout from the Coronavirus health emergency will further deepen the vast inequalities within Britain. There can be no return to business as usual as the status quo wasn't working for millions of our citizens.

“The next Labour government must be as bold as the one of 1945 if we are to achieve Keir's vision that Britain must be the best place for children to grow up and for people to live with dignity in old age. Only a Labour government will create the fairer Britain that so many of our people so badly deserve.”

Visit the Labour Connected site for more details on this year's online conference.

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