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Lobby your MSP to vote to bring ScotRail back into public ownership

13 November 2018

Tomorrow MSPs vote on whether to use the break clause to bring ScotRail back into public ownership three years early. Tonight the power is in your hands. Contact your MSPs! Here's how.

Tomorrow there’s a vote in Holyrood over whether to exercise the break clause in the Abellio Scotrail contract, bringing ScotRail out of the hands of a Dutch company which passes its profits back to the Netherlands and into the hands of the Scottish people – whose taxes pay for it. Regardless of party politics this is a “no brainer”. Good for our members, and good for Scotland.

It’s something TSSA has been campaigning on for nearly 2 years. We wouldn’t be here without that campaign.

Tonight the power is with you. If you can email, Facebook, or tweet, your MSPs, local and List, and tell them to vote the right way tomorrow – in favour of the motion – it could make a real impact.

You can find your MSPs here:

There is a link to email them just to the right of their photo.

You can look them up by their name on Twitter. Many will also have a Facebook page which you can message.

It NEEDS to be YOUR MSP. They will pay no attention if you’re not a constituent. Even if your MSP is a Tory or a SNP member it is worth contacting them. Every MSP is nervous about losing their seat at the next election!

You should have 7 list MSPs and 1 local MSP. Plenty to keep you busy lol!

DO please pass this on to your friends, family, members, work colleagues, Facebook followers, etc etc. the more we lobby tonight the more votes we get tomorrow,


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