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Longer Commutes Highlight Shambles of Rail Privatisation

14 November 2018

TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes, has welcomed a report highlighting startling new figures showing it takes longer for millions of people to get to work in every part of Great Britain than a decade ago.

The report marks the annual Commute Smart Week by campaigners, Work Wise UK, and shows that nationally rail users face the longest journeys.

Those heading to work by train face journeys of two hours and eleven minutes every day – an increase of four minutes on the last decade.

Journey times were also up for bus and car journeys.

Last year commuters in Wales saw the largest increase in journey times – up almost eight and half minutes to an overall journey time of over 53 minutes.

Across the country the picture was broadly similar. In the South West of England journey times were up by almost five minutes, a commute of over an hour (60.2 minutes).

In the North East the length of the average journey was up six minutes, with travel time at 51 minutes. Journey times for the east of England now stand at over an hour, up by 5.8 minutes, while in London journey times stand at 81 minutes, up by four minutes on 2007.

Only Northern Ireland - where rail and buses are in public ownership - showed a slight decrease in overall journey times

Commenting, TSSA General Secretary Manuel Cortes said: “What a shambles - this is yet further evidence that the privatisation of our railways has failed.

“We need a public railway now and we must bring the bus network back into public hands while we are at it. These figures show us what millions making journeys across the country know each day – the transport network isn’t working for them.

“Under the Tories Britain’s Transport system is gridlocking whether we’re talking rail or road. All the evidence shows with the Tories in the driving seat, Britain is less efficient, more go-slow, than a decade ago.”




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