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Manuel Cortes slams news that British passengers subsidise Dutch rail fares

22 October 2018

Responding angrily to news in the Dutch press that Holland's State owned rail company Nederlandse Spoorwegen(NS) is making more money from its Abellio passengers in Britain than it is from passengers in Holland, TSSA, General Secretary Manuel Cortes said:

"This tells you all need to know about the unfairness of Britain's privatised rail networks and the idiocy of the Tories who defend it. British passengers sitting - if they are lucky enough to get a seat - on their overcrowded, over-delayed trains are paying amongst the highest ticket prices in Europe - to subsidise fares for passengers in Holland.

"And without hint of irony, our Monster of Transport, Chris Grayling, defends this crazy system which gives away profit and control of our rail to Europe's nationalised rail countries, whilst he and his Tory cronies fight over how best to take back control of Britain via Brexit. Taking back control of Britain from the Tories is now the pressing matter."

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